•Do you have problems locating your artwork and repro files ?

•Would you like a totally electronic pre-press approval system ?

MCG Graphics can now provide a facility which will bring an end to these problems with the introduction of our Artwork and Image Database. All that is needed to access the system is a computer with a modem and a web browser. If you are viewing this video via the Internet then the chances are that you already have these tools.

When your image is ready for retrieval or viewing, an automatic e-mail notification will be sent to you giving the design’s location within the artwork and image database. You are then ready to dial in to MCG and either retrieve your image, retrieve an Acrobat file of the image for approval or retrieve elements of the design.

After entering username and password details to enter the site, you then click on the hyperlink sent to you via e-mail and after a secondary password check you will be taken directly to the item of your choice. This item can then be downloaded to your computer. Check out the Google Arts resources here if you would like to expand your knowledge on artwork in general.

As you can see, the Artwork and Image Database has a variety of uses. A representative visiting a customer could dial into MCG using their laptop and retrieve an Acrobat file of the design. The customer could then make alterations to the design with Adobe Acrobat and e-mail the alterations to either MCG or MCG’s customer. It could also be used for the customer to pick elements off the job to create another design, or for layshee’s, or for job files.

MCG Graphics have already gone live with this system and it has proved very popular. For more information please contact one of company representatives to view the system.