MCG Graphic’s commitment to all aspects of quality is second to none, whether it concerns our production procedures, the final product, or our surrounding environment. We believe in carrying out continual dialogue with all our customers to ensure that they receive a standard of quality and service that is to their complete satisfaction. The documentation disciplines including the standard process of checking and signing off at different stages of the job are now used in all the departments.

The level of quality of MCG Graphics’ work is reflected in the number of prestigious industry awards for excellence which it annually receives for it’s design and prepress work. Mistakes are costly and waste valuable production time. We have therefore made significant investment in sophisticated electronic checking systems which can handle all incoming digital files irrespective of their format. A core strength of the company is the care which is taken to ensure that our pre press output is tailored to fit the press on which it will be printed, thus enabling the pressman to obtain the best possible quality from the machine.

MCG Graphics has integrated environmental aspects into its total company management plan. Whilst the company is fully compliant with all environmental legislation, it still makes every effort to keep operations as environmentally friendly as possible, above and beyond the level stipulated by government guidelines. We are constantly assessing the environmental impact of different chemistry and equipment, and it is company policy to only purchase resources through environmentally friendly suppliers. Examples of our recycling schemes include silver recovery, fixer regeneration and closed loop filtration systems with no fixer to drain disposal.