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Each year the mobile gaming industry sees thousands of games released into the market and one of the most popular platforms for this type of gaming is of course the Nintendo DS platform. The DS as people call it is by far the best portable gaming console ever to be released and has grown steadily in popularity from the day of its inception. Designing games that are successful is clearly the number one objective of the product and game design team at Nintendo.

Before we look at a few game play and design examples, check out the Mario & Rabbids Trailer below:

Below we have chosen to review and list for you two very well designed games for this platform so we could offer you the best and most accurate information on them ready for their release date. The first game on our list is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year so far and is of course the long awaited New Super Mario Bros 2 game. This brilliant series of games have been at the forefront of gaming since the mid eighties and have won the heart of millions of gamers all over the world during this time. This iconic series now brings you a whole new edition which after playing for some time is by far the best we have seen from this series in every way imaginable.

The story of the game follows Mario as he attempts to free Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser who has kidnapped her and held her captive for many months. The game is filled with extremely entertaining levels which offer a gold rush of excitement as you and your hero work your way through countless dangers to free the princess. Players will need to negotiate a large number of tasks and avoid many dangers along the way before reaching Bowser and battling him for the hand of the princess.

The game has brilliant graphics that really do make the game as enjoyable as in comparison to the previous games this title is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. In regards of game play this game is a true masterpiece as it will keep you glued to your screens for hours on end with its smooth running and extremely innovative game play system.

Check out the Basics of making your own game below:

The second game on our list of best designed Nintendo DS games is Moshi Monsters Moshling Carnival which we absolutely love to pieces as it is so good. The game thrusts players into the hectic but exciting world of the theme park as you take the reigns of one of the hottest theme parks in the land that each year services thousands of customers. Players and their Moshi Monsters must ensure the complete and smooth running operation of the theme park as well as offering great customer service and services. You will also be required to expand the park by creating all new rides and attractions to bring more customers to your doors.

All this may sound easy but on the face of things it is more difficult than you can imagine for a number of reasons. The most serious of these reasons is there are a group of saboteurs from a rival theme park who will do their utmost to destroy everything you are building to drive the customers back to their park. You and the monsters will need to do your very best to find these saboteurs before they inflict major damage on your park and cost you many customers.

The game itself is brilliantly created and designed and very good in almost every way and we found that we enjoyed it so much more than any other game of its kind. The game play is both fun and exciting and has an extremely addictive edge to it once you get into it which is great for the kids but not the parents. Graphically again the game is very good indeed and we could not have asked for any more really as it literally has everything you could want. Both the games above are simply superb and this is why we just had to detail them to you and we just hope you feel the same as us once you play them.

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Updated – August 2020