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Recent reports from organisations like Mintel, Mashable and Ericsson have identified the huge demand and growth of the gaming industry, most especially via mobile phones, tablets and other hand held devices.

Over 35% of Tablet based users and gaming individuals participate in mobile gaming over 4 times per week, this has almost doubled since 2011, this reaffirms the proof that Mobile Gaming is becoming more popular. It is also reported that over 19% of mobile related phone users play 5 times per week, this is a very large percentage of mobile phone users, and confirms the same growth facts as the Tablet based devices. As well as the user demand, the game developers and also the Mobile Phone producers, are locking on to the market boom, and thus are meeting the Supply and Demand of the public. The Investment options in this area are varied, however it is clear that this Industry is one that is set to yield very good investment opportunities for Traders around the globe.

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One recommendation would be that If you are going to Invest in this area, we must stress that a thorough review is required before adding this sector into your trading portfolio. Although there are a variety of Games that have produced millions of downloads, it is rare to find opportunities for single game success, we would recommend reviewing the following:

A spread Investment, covering the following examples:

A Game Developing Company – RovioAngry Birds Game

A Mobile Phone Developer – Blackberry – Blackberry Torch – Blackberry Playbook

An Online Mobile Game Provier – Mobile Online Casino

A Tablet Developer – Apple – IPAD

The aforementioned are good examples of the spread betting investment system, we have chosen these at random, however they are a good mix of success based Organisations that have already proven very successful. The system itself could be with any company, as long as they cover the device and the mobile game, this then allows a fluid investment structure, reducing the chance of losses, and also increasing the chance of dual success with the investment portolio.

Popular Mobile Slot Games

We have compiled a list of some of the popular mobile casino games of 2019:

  1. Mega Moolah
  2. Super Diamond Deluxe
  3. Major Millions
  4. FistiCuffs Slots
  5. Thunderstruck II
  6. Cleopatra Slots
  7. Da Vinci Diamonds
  8. Siberian Storm Dual Play

The above slot machine games can be played at Casino Football –

Searching for popular mobile games in 2019 can be made easier, if you use ITunes or the Google Play store.

The Dude Perfect 2 mobile games is a recommended game to take a look at. Please check out the video below:


The hardest part from experience is finding a New mobile game, we recommend thoroughly reviewing new up and coming game developers, to increases the investment opportunity, however the risk may be higher. Angry birds sold over 1 Million mobile app based games in one month alone between May 2011 – June 2011, showing that if the right game provider is selected for investing in, then the yielded results would be far better than trading any Gold.

In relation to the Tablet device popularity, it is reported that over 10% of people in Europe own a Tablet device, this is set to increases dramatically over the next few years. Them main reason for this is due to the Screen Size and the Power Outputted by these devices, that far exceed the mobile phone. This fact alone confirms that the Tablet is probably the best growth market device within the Gaming Industry, as Graphics and Screen size are very important to Gamers.

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